Asian Townscape Awards

Asian Townscape Awards

Urban landscape embraces tangible and intangible forms of our built-environment contributed from human and natural factors. Initiated by UN-HABITAT’s Regional Office for Asia and Pacific (UN-HABITAT ROAP), Asian Habitat Society (AHS), Fukuoka Asian Urban Research Center (URC) and Asia Townscape Design Society (ATDeS) in 2010, the Asian Townscape Awards (ATA) aimed to honour cities, regions, and projects that facilitate and materialize enhancement of living environment through urban transformation in Asian cities. Throughout the years, projects from over 90 cities in countries including Japan, South Korea, China (including Hong Kong and Macau), Singapore, Myanmar, Vietnam, Thailand, Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri-Lanka, Pakistan, India, and Indonesia have been awarded. ATA and exchange activities contributed towards more Asian cities in realizing sustainable urban landscape for the betterment of environment and people.

Commended targets

1. Asian Townscape Awards (10/year)

  • Cities; regions
  • Projects that have made important contributions to cities and regions

2. Examples of Asian Townscape Awards

  • Projects related to the protection and cultivation of the nature or the sub-nature;
  • Buildings having contributed to regional development;
  • Influential activities

3. Asian Townscape Honorary Awards (If any organization or individual meets the conditions of appraisal, it/he/she will be commended under this category)

  • Organizations having contributed to the landscape construction and development
  • Individuals having contributed to the landscape construction and development

Application qualifications

  1. Cities, regions, projects, etc., which have the desire to apply for “Asian Townscape Awards”; which have made excellent achievements in the townscape construction; and which are significant in demonstration and popularization;
  2. Recommended by members of Expert Review Committee of “Asian Townscape Awards”;
  3. Recommended by relevant cooperative societies, associations, institutions or other organizations of “Asian Townscape Awards”.

Method of application

Applicants can submit their application data to the following institutions:

  1. China: Asian Habitat Society (Hong Kong, China)

  2. Other countries/regions: UN—Habitat Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific (Fukuoka, Japan)

  3. The Fukuoka Asian Urban Research Centre (Fukuoka, Japan)